Tuesday, August 31

equinimity trees

image courtesy Julie Patterson : Cloth
I adore these serene little paintings from Julie Patterson, the woman behind Cloth. They inspire me to rustle through my pile of weathered canoe planks and whip out a few sketches.  I'm not much of a painter - my AAA husband takes that title - but I could attempt a line drawing of a coconut or pandanas tree...

"These small detailed little blocks are paintings of an imaginary tree I think of and feel like when I sit and meditate. They are painted onto timber door offcuts that a friend gave me before she moved over to Perth. The soft green is the undercoat that the door was already painted. I make these trees in small batches. They are very calming things to paint." Julie Patterson
For many Australians and textile fiends, Cloth needs no introduction, however if you live in Alaska or are new to this arty stuff, check out her website.  All of the products are made by hand in Sydney, working primarily with industrial hemp, linen, organic cotton and jute.  

Tuesday, August 24

future shelter & little design horse

Angove Street in North Perth (Western Australia) has cemented itself as a happening strip of cafes, boutiques and design stores.  A stand out among them is Little Design Horse, the shop-front for Future Shelter products, designed by Jane King and Adam Coffee.  This talented duo of designer and engineer, create exciting hand crafted products under the same roof as the studio and store.

Quirky wall decals, etched wooden brooches, t-shirts, lampshades and limited edition prints all sport their love for nature and everyday objects.  Anything they can print or put a pattern onto is fair game, and new items are constantly being added to the collection.

If you can't get along to Angove Street, they have recently launched an online shop, so wherever you are, you can become a proud owner of their unique creations.  For a limited time they are offering free shipping within Australia - get in quick.

Little Design Horse Shop
56 Angove St
North Perth, WA 6006

Phone: 08 9229 4832

Monday, August 23

beanies for cancer

Mum was a frantic knitter, always clickity-clacking her way through meetings, movies and long winters on the farm. Her ability to knit without looking always impressed me.  Then arthritis crept into her hands and she packed the needles away - or so I thought - until she dumped three bags in front of me containing 64 beanies she has knitted for kids with cancer. 

Sadly, I did not inherit mum’s skill, or the patience to fumble through knit one-pearl one with my unorthodox style.  Over the years I have blundered through a couple of scarves, randomly dropping and adding stitches as I go;  then I attempted a wool cushion cover that ended up the size of a knee rug.  They all returned to their previous incarnation as a ball of wool, and will probably stay that way until I have two broken legs and need a rehab activity, or I get snow-bound in the tropics.  

Good on you mum, thanks to you 64 kids (including your own) will have warmer heads this winter.

Tuesday, August 17

gonged into being

The impulse to start this blog struck me between the resonating sounds of symphonic gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and chakra energy chimes.  The occasion was my dear friend Louise’s birthday, and a small band of women had gathered for a moment of peace and stillness, followed by an indulgent tea party.  

We reclined on the deck with bolsters and purple silk eye masks, while Michelle Heasman of Harmony Gongs created deep organic tones that resonated through the whole body.  

My state of pure bliss was complete when an antique tea cup (from Lou's  envious collection) and a lush strawberry made their way into my field of vibration.


Monday, August 16


Mum, what are you doing?  Dad, what’s that for?  Mum ... what’s that mum?

Since I first realized I existed in this wonderful world, I have been endlessly inquisitive, and some would say hopelessly interested, about numerous unrelated subjects.  Trying to confine me is like strapping a two year old to a chair – it creates havoc, even despair. 

Starting a new blog is at once daunting and thrilling.  Treacle for Stickybeaks is a place for wild imaginings and musings, a bucket to hold my curiosity, and a frame to share what captures my focus and ignites my spirit.  It has been warming the bench for some time, waiting for its moment to join the band of talented bloggers whom inspire, entertain and amuse.

Through Treacle for Stickybeaks I hope to share the words and pictures that make my life more abundant, vibrant and meaningful.  As I stumble through happiness, I will post observations and moments, often candid and unguarded, which show everyday beauty and the colour of life.  I also wish to support emerging and established artist and craftspeople, and provide a portal to communicate creativity and succulence. 

It’s all about things and stuff and treacle for stickybeaks.  Please join me with an appetite for discovery and a big spoon.

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