Tuesday, November 30

diamonds & gold

When the lagoon is still, the sunlight glints like diamonds on the polished surface, and dances in the face of the tiny waves.

At sunset, the silver is replaced with a satin tablecloth of gold.

note : these shots have not been photo-shopped, and yes Dad,they are meant to be blurry

Monday, November 29

scrabble war

Last year I was the undisputed champion.  This year the trophy is in Tom's hands, which is no wonder when I draw out letters like this.  What the hell am I meant to do now?  Old McDonald had a farm...

Saturday, November 27

the winged pod sprouts legs

The winged pod has evolved and grown legs to elevate itself above the rugged ground at Bayley's on the Rocks.   A wooden walkway will connect the bedroom pod to a rounded bathroom, built from rendered masonry, with a lontar leaf roof extending to the ground on one side.  A daybed will be suspended beneath the floor, for lazy afternoons gazing out to the ocean with gin and tonic in hand.  Or perhaps an Earl Grey and a dainty shortbread.  Imported of course.

Thursday, November 25

harvest time

Tom and I grew up in the Western Australian wheatbelt, and while we may have chosen an early sea-change, many friends remain on the land, cropping wheat, canola and lupins.  Sitting ocean side in the tropics, these images of red dust, vast horizons and golden stubble may imbue romantic ideals and memories of farm life, but the reality of harvest is long days of sitting in a cab, machinery maintenance and break-downs, wheat dust and repetition. In a good year, the wheat pours into the chaser bin like granular gold.  In a bad season, you hope to cover expenses and look forward to a cold beer at the coast when it's all over.

Changing the radio station and the occasional feed help break the monotony. Unless, like Tom found on his last tour of duty, you eat your entire lunch box in the first hour and then have nothing to look forward to until dinner time.  If you're lucky, dinner is delivered to the harvester on a real plate with a knife and fork, or it could be a bag of take-away from the local pub.  

These days the cabs are airconditioned and fitted with GPS steering systems that cross reference the header's position with multiple satellites to track and steer its path.  Auto-steer ensures precision, with minimal overcut or undercut; the latter leaving lines of wheat "soldiers" standing in the paddock.  Tut-tut.

As long as the moisture level in the grain is below a certain point, the boys will rip the crop off, and at night the head lights shine an orb into the dust, like being under murky water. 
To our mates out there going round and round, cheers, and here's hoping you get it all in the bin before Christmas.

Wednesday, November 24

my happy place

Sometimes I disappear for a while, and Tom knows he is likely to find me in one of my happy places.  Other than anywhere in or near the water, there are two spots I may be found, one I can show you, the other I can't.  I love to sit on the back step of our pod in the early morning sunshine, naked, and paint my toenails.  At the other end of the day, I park myself on the love seat with a cuppa and some light reading material. 

Tuesday, November 23

from the drawing board

From the sketchbook of Tom McArtist come these texta coloured ideas for a friends logo; featuring the lontar leaf as a dramatic motif.  I can see a fabric print in my future, becoming a floor cushion in the Sugar Shack. 

Monday, November 22

roped in

A short walk along the beach highlights the ubiquitous use of blue rope for anything nautical.

The organic form of the wooden canoes and the distressed peeling paint are very photogenic.  I have amassed a whole folder of canoe shots that I plan to put together as a collage for the Sugar Shack. Later.


the driftwood mirror is finished

I started my driftwood mirror project way back here

I am pleased to announce it is finished and hanging on the wall.

It has strong presence against the white render wall.  My idea is to keep adding sticks as I find them; a perpetual project.

Sunday, November 21

woven fish trap

On my swim this morning I found this skillfully woven fish trap floating by on the current. Made from strips of the lontar palm fronds, it is an unintentional art piece.

the winged pod

What is Tom McArchitect up to now?  Still in his model making phase, this time creating a winged pod that will be built as a bedroom on the cliff project.  Tell me Tom, what's going on here?

More triangles.  I remember on Sesame Street that after the Twiddlebugs they talked about triangles.

This pod has two wings but it is not a bird.

I wanted to design a (bedroom) pod that carried on with the theme of the main house, minimalist in nature and a balance between shade, privacy, ventilation and views; blurring the walls and roof structure to become one unit.  

Saturday, November 20

the eyes of youth : morgan maassen

Every so often a photographer's body of work pulls me closer to the screen and I start vocalising  exclamations of "wow" and "check this out".  I drag Tom away from his latest Twiddlebug project to have a look and listen to my lyrical praise.  This morning when I got up I had never hear of Morgan Maassen, a 20 year old surf photographer, with an impressive portfolio and list of clients to make me green.  

Now I find myself blogging about him and posting his website on facebook. Such is the talent. He has an eye for unique angles and dramatic light, and captures the details of surfing seen only by someone saturated in saltwater.

When not behind a still camera, he is shooting super 8 and high definition movies or creating mixed media paintings.  The future sure looks high key for this young man.  Check out his website or blog for more images.

Friday, November 19

wildly pinning

How did I not know about Pinterest sooner?  

As someone who is mildly obsessed with organisation, folders and lists, I am giddy with excitement, and my day has disappeared into a frenzy of pinning.  Put simply, when I see an image on the web that I like, I can pin it to one of my boards in Pinterest.  It is an online visual diary, a virtual scrapbook. Plus I get to see other people's boards and can repin any of their selection onto mine. Too much joy.

Just when you thought the internet couldn't get any better and more overwhelming.

Feel free to have a look at my Pinterest, and if you would like an invite to join the fun, leave a comment or email and I'll rope you in. 

Thursday, November 18

finally, a stylish camera bag

For a long time I have cursed the range of camera bags on the market; all straps and buckles and grunt. Garish and chunky, they don't accessorize well with a cotton summer dress, or anything other than hiking boots and cargo pants.  I have a sturdy Lowepro bag that serves as camera storage in the shed, and a plain black SLR cover for protection in the bike basket or boat, but have longed for a stylish bag to hold my kit.  Something that I can park next to my chair in a cafe; a bag that doesn't scream "check this out, I have an expensive camera in here."  My dear Canon has taken some serious beatings in the bottom of nylon totes, swinging dangerously from handlebars, and being bashed against water bottles, keys and surfboards.

It is made by Emera and available online.
When I get to Bali I am going to try and find Santa, sit on his knee and whisper sweet somethings into his ear about slipping one of these into my stocking.

Failing that, all donations to the Save Sally's Camera Fund gratefully accepted.
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