Saturday, January 28

photography cheat sheet

If you have ever wanted to switch the little dial on your SLR camera from automatic to manual, you may have been confronted by the array of numbers and choices and how they hell they all relate. Even after years of photography, I still think the relation between aperture size, f-stop and depth of field seems totally Irish. 

This is the sweetest cheat sheet I've seen that lays out the facts clearly and with style.  Developed by a very talented photographer called Miquel Yatco and originally posted on his blog, Living in the Stills.

So flick the switch and have some fun with shutter speed, ISO and depth of field. Trust me, the camera will not explode, and with digital, you won't even be "wasting" precious film.

Friday, January 27

the jetty experience

Heading toward the hottest January on record and we are loving it. As proponents of an endless summer, we are seasonally adjusted and relish the hot days sliding into warm nights.  Wearing a bikini from dawn till dark is my idea of an uncomplicated wardrobe. 

The jetty is at the heart of beach life in Busselton, and is our premier tourist attraction.  After undergoing a major refurbishment programme, the longest wooden pile jetty in the southern hemisphere reopened in February 2011, and the past year as seen over 60,000 visitors ride the toy train to the Underwater Observatory, while hoards more walk seaward with kids, buckets, rods and smiles.  Jetty jumping is almost an official summer activity, a rite of passage for local kids (including yours truly, who would once back flip off the rails and now prefers to photograph others).  A walk along the jetty at sunset is an iconic Busselton experience, to be repeated at least once every summer, even if you don't aspire to fish or jump.

Whatever you do, don't call it a pier.

for we are young and free

The one day when Aussies use the word "girt", wear free hats given out by the newspaper and eat a substance that is declared poisonous by the rest of the world.  With the mercury pushing the high 30's the bay was peaking. Boats, barbies, beer and bogans; the great Aussie combo out in force. It was probably most un-Australian of me to pass the day without a snagger or stubbie.

Where ever you are, at home or across the foam, with courage let us all combine to 
Advance Australia Fair. 

Happy Australia Day

Wednesday, January 25

38 degrees in the shade

Summer is blasting us with full Western Australian fury.  The forecast for Busselton is four days over 38, and the poor suckers in Perth are in for a week of 40 degrees or more. Nothing to do but swim, read in the shade, drink ice cold smoothies and picnic on the beach at sunset.  With the UV rating extreme from 8.30am to 4.30am, extended beach outings are either early and late, and involve ghostly layers of zinc in between. 

What are you doing to keep cool?

Tuesday, January 17

aquaman rides again

Heading for a surf on a weekend morning during school holidays can be an exercise in crowd control, but we lucked into a convivial gathering of shark bait at "Back of the Moon" near Cape Naturaliste.  Forty million flies also thought it a great spot to reside. While I swam, wandered, read and kept one eye on fin watch, Tom rolled the arms over for the first time since returning to Australia.  A report from the Aquaman :
Pumping, smallish, very short but fun waves.  Must remember how good it feels to get out there, and make the effort more often.

Especially when there is the promise of a coffee in Dunsborough afterwards.  

Saturday, January 14

the heart wanders

It is four weeks since we left Indonesia and returned the different beat of home town Australia. While I am becoming more attune with the present, and the simple joy of being irrespective of location, there seems to be a critical point around day 28 when my whole body itches with wanderlust and airline flight schedules start appearing in my aura.  It is my parent's fault; if they had kept me locked in a cupboard with a couple of toys and a glass of water I wouldn't have tasted the aliveness of explroation.  Yet there they are, over 70 and still flitting around the country setting a bad example.  They are only home long enough to rig up the next vehicle of choice, then away again on another outback track, highway or ocean.  Seriously, I admire them greatly and can reflect that I haven't yet crested the hilltop of "mid-life" and thus might just have enough years to fit in half of my adventure plans.  For now, a couple of photos from our last days in Bali, including an experimental blurry shot of our bedspread one rainy evening.

Wednesday, January 11

summer bounty

Here she goes again, posting photos of fruit and veg. If only you knew how excited I am to come back to these juicy morsels, and the thrill that grated beetroot can bring to one's day. Plus there is the prospect of a chocolate and beetroot cake for afternoon tea. 

As our love shack is rented out we are spending the summer camped in the unfurnished family homestead where I spent my formative years.  We brought the essentials out of storage and enjoy living in a vast minimalist space.  Two forks, two spoons, two plates, two bowls, the blender, food processor, kettle and fridge satisfy most of our daily needs. A couple of my favourite trio tea sets also snuck in for the daily chai ritual.  Being outdoor creatures and unaccustomed to rooms with walls, we sleep on the verandah with a mattress and mosquito net and wake to the crooning of bronze winged pidgeons and crying baby magpies.

Friday, January 6

all you need is love

Of course there is the wedding anniversary, but just as important to us is the "love anniversary."  The marking of that day 12 years ago when we knew it was on. When my willingness to get up at 5.00am to go for a surf made sense. When I was "just driving past" at 11.00pm, totally out of my way home, but pulled toward a dazzling vortex.

There isn't a need for gifts or roses or chocolate.  Just time to celebrate the evolution of our relationship and the daily joy we share.  A swim at Honeycombs, coffee and a relaxed morning reading and sharing stories from our favourite magazines at Purist Gallery Cafe, and a simple dinner at home gazing into each other's belly buttons. Well, you get the idea. 

I have sent you my invitation
The note inscribed on the palm of my hand by the fire of living
Don’t jump up and shout “yes this is what I want, let’s do it”
Just stand up quietly and dance with me.

Show me how you follow your deepest desires
Spiralling down into the ache within the ache
And I will show you how I reach inward and open outward
To feel the kiss of the mystery, sweet lips on my own, every day.

Tell me a story of who you are
And see who I am in the stories I am living
And together we will remember that each of us always has a choice.

Take me to the places on the earth that teach you how to dance
The places where you can risk letting the world break your heart
And I will take you to the places where the earth beneath my feet
And the stars overhead, make my heart whole again and again.

Show me how you take care of business
Without letting business determine who you are
When we are well fed but still the voices within and around us
Shout that soul’s desires have too high a price,
Let us remind each other that it is never about the money.

Sit beside me in long moments of shared solitude
Knowing both our absolute aloneness and our undeniable belonging
Dance with me in the silence and in the sound of small daily words,
Holding neither against me at the end of the day

And when the sound of all the declarations of our sincerest intentions
Has died away on the wind
Dance with me in the infinite pause before the next great inhale
The breath that is breathing us all into being.

Just take my hand and dance with me.

the dance, oriah mountain dreamer

heaven when we're home

Western Australia.
 A wild diversion from our island life and place of peace.
Cold feet, carpeted floors, ticking clocks, honey, juicy lemons, magpies, big sky.
Eucalyptus scented air, grey-green bush.
Pears, stonefruit, rolled oats.
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