Monday, February 27

vintage drive-in

The Busselton Drive-In has been operating for 45 years and is the last of its kind in Western Australia.  For many locals and visitors, summer isn't complete without a night at the drives, and no doubt many a romance has blossomed under the soft glow of the screen.  Now heritage listed, the drive-in retains its original charm, with the 1960's snack bar and traditional speakers. The screen has been reframed and refaced to withstand the odd cyclonic gust, the projectors have been updated, and it is now a non-smoking venue. I was chuffed to be invited to photograph the Busselton, Peel and Blackwood Vintage Car Clubs gathering on a balmy February evening. I could almost see the bobby socks and spotted neck scarves.  No stylist required. 

i'm back and i'm mac

I have been distracted. This little baby took up all of my brain scanning for three weeks; move to Mac or stay PC? Pro or Air? I read almost every review, forum and debate on the web and flagellated between decisions daily. 

When I made the final decision and walked into David Jones to stroke the 13 inch MacBook Pro, I was met with an undercover Sony rep who tried to convince me to stay with PC. "Why do you want to get a Mac, I can offer you this bla bla bla Sony". Look Mister, if you knew how many times I had asked myself that question to finally come to the point of wanting to had over my cash for a sexy silver bit of computer crumpet you will walk away swiftly and quietly. Back over to your ugly Sony.

So I introduce you to Banjo Mac and promise many hundreds of words and pictures from his heart. 

Sunday, February 5

morning shadows

I'm not normally one for lace curtains, but I was enamoured by the the early morning sunlight through the thin veil and the shadows it cast on the wall.  Just a little moment in the present. 
Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

Friday, February 3

200th post!

As thrilled as a rump on a stump.
Onward, upward, with my face toward the sky and front legs outstretched to the sun. 

Thank you for your support, comments and readership, whether you've read all 200 posts or only stumbled here yesterday. I do it becauase I have to, because the words and pictures boil over like a pot of milky chai if I don't let them out. My hope is to inspire, share, entertain and inform. Sometimes I might be able to do all at once, other times I may provide nothing more than a diversion from online banking.   

In between marvelling at clouds and scheming the next journey, you can find me adding a few belated posts here, hunting down the best local coffee here and being constantly inspired here

windmills walk

While Aquaman went to see if the office was open at Other Side of the Moon, I rock hopped from Windmills northward, stopping to examine dry sponges, and hardy pigface growing out of the granite. No one else around, just me and the sea. 

A real contrast to the frozen water, black pebble beach and grey skies from a fellow photographer, Brian Ferry, sharing his walk on the coast of Maine.  While I love a hand knitted beanie as much as the next bear, give me sun, lots of sun.
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