Tuesday, March 27

a farmhouse garden

Ripe mulberries stained our fingers and mosquitoes pricked my bare skin as late afternoon shadow moved across the paddocks. Jenny, a family friend and talented hairdresser, has been renting the weatherboard farmhouse from one family for 25 years. Over this time she has lovingly renovated the interior and created a rustic character garden with enchanting layers, hidden pockets, arbors, pots, baskets and rusted tin. I could park myself in a shady corner and flick through her diverse book and magazine collection for days on end. Just keep bringing the tea and watermelon.

Thursday, March 22

autumn chai

"Tea gives one vigor of body, contentment of mind, and determination of purpose". 

Tuesday, March 20


Aquaman got his hands on the camera, and now I have no doubt as to where his focus lies.  I love the essence of summer this shot captures.  Sand and salt water under a vast blue sky. 

Today is the first cloudy day in almost a month, and so I am not as amped this afternoon to get my kit off at the beach.  A bit of inside time with Banjo Mac and a cuppa is my current groove. We fulfilled our morning ritual of a walk and swim, followed up with a thermos of chai on the beach (it did after all drop below 20 degrees). Tomorrow should be a return to the conditions for which I am acclimatised. 

Thanks to the ever spunky Fliss over at Udder for a sunshine award.  It's one of the things we bloggers do to spread the online ultraviolet love.  In response I am to answer a few questions and pass on the award to five people that radiate their own sunshine. So as instructed, here is some useless info about me :

favourite colour : fire engine red & Australian turquoise (ok that is two)
favourite animal : koala - vegan, cute and can sleep for 20 hours straight. I like to channel their mojo. 
favourite drink : green smoothie with a soy latte chaser
facebook or twitter : I'm still with the email movement, really don't get the twitter bizzo
favourite flower : fragrant frangipanis
favourite pattern : graphic cherry blossom
giving or receiving gifts : giving on non significant days
favourite number : 8
passions : nature, inner peace, awareness, words, photography, sun, vegan baking, simplicity, ocean, love

I send the solar flare to these clever ladies :

Michele at elephant ceramics
Olga at olga bennett
Christine at christine clemmensen
Mary at l'antipodeuse

Saturday, March 17

without love

Today's though brought to you from a spray can. Graffiti with soul. South Fremantle.

Thursday, March 15

hawker heaven

Now that my taste buds are reacquainted with the flavours of the west and I have had my fill of "luxury" items such as olives and peaches - eaten off ceramic plates on a quiet verandah - my memory pulls at threads of Asia; vibrant night markets, tropical fruit and dishes washed in the drain.  So let's take a step back in time and some gustatory delights from the streets of Penang.  Away from the restraints of our Indonesian market supplies, we scoffed Indian for lunch and dinner every day, with fruit, flaky pastry balls and mung bean porridge in between.  All fuel for our research into the burgeoning Georgetown espresso scene.

For a well informed food guide to Penang, check out this blog written by a local foodie and photographer.

Tuesday, March 13

after the fire

It is four months since the bush fire devastated coastal heath and bushland around Prevelly and Margaret River. Sensitive dune vegetation was razed and over 30 homes were destroyed, including the historic Wallcliffe House.  The area around Gnarabup is still a stark monocramatic landscape, however further inland the bush has begun to regenerate despite a lack of rain.  For many species, fire is a catalyst for regeneration; in particular balga or grass trees (xanthorrhoea preissii) are renowned for their ability to withstand fire, and respond with accelerated leaf and flower production.  The regrowth of dune vegetation should be stimulated by winter rain if the thin crust of soil remains undisturbed. The White Elephant beach cafe was spared from the flames and they are still serving up a cracking coffee with ocean views.  No fire can take that away.  

Monday, March 12

weekend breakfast

Yallingup woodfired sourdough, toasted and topped with our homemade apricot jam.  Served with a soy chai, a Frankie magazine and sunshine. How was your weekend?
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